Eric And The Beast On A Rag

I did get to sit in the audience of the City Band Wednesday night.  I wasn’t sure if it was going to be at the bandstand or at its alternate venue.  Before finding that out, I decided to locate the place of my Thursday afternoon voice lesson which was easier to locate than the directions given by my new coach.  I googled the address and it was a breeze to find.  Especially with the number written on the mailbox.  The house was buried by a wooded area but really easy to find.  All I had to do was turn off of U.S. 6 onto County Road 13 and it was .3 miles away.  Then, with plenty of time to spare, I went to Wal Mart and ran into some old friends and saw the truck belonging to another but was not able to find him.  I must have been on the wrong end of Electronics (or he could have been hiding). 😉

After discovering that the concert would be at the ice rink with five minutes to spare, I decided that given the choice, I would have rather directed Stars and Stripes this week as opposed to last (not complaining, just sayin’).  I just think this week’s concert had better music. Many songs I was already familiar with… “12th Street Rag” I had sung in choir and played sometime.  Of course, a different arrangement than I am accustomed to, but I would have enjoyed sitting in the low brass section playing “Selections from Phantom of the Opera” and the title tune from the animated classic turned hit Broadway show “Beauty and the Beast.”

Speaking of Phantom, my brother turned to me and stated that the high school at which he serves as the tech advisor will be performing the musical next year.  I did not believe him until I looked on line and discovered that the rights have just indeed become available from R&H productions for high school and amateur productions.  There had been “test” runs a few years ago overseen by Lord Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group company.  But how did the small school get the rights so quickly?  Hicksville had better “Got Talent” to pull this off.  I imagine that the rights are probably for a tailored production of the musical.

I asked Liz if they were going to come next week for the announced ice cream social “before and during the concert.”  I don’t think she realized where she will be next Wednesday because she didn’t know if they would be or not.  Probably not since they will be at Disney World.  Maybe they could borrow Aladdin’s magic carpet, Carpet. I’d rather be there when it is not so hot!

A fun concert moved to a different venue to be “safe rather than sorry.”

5 thoughts on “Eric And The Beast On A Rag”

  1. As for Hicksville doing “Phantom”…….hm……..I’ll save my comments for when I see you…… 😉

  2. WOW, yes, DW in June?!? Good luck with that – not only hot, but SO CROWDED!!! You get much more money’s worth in the winter. Although at this point, I’d be happy going at all, I think 🙁
    But tell them to have a good trip!

  3. I was in automotive, then cleaning supplies. Fooled you I didn’t stop in electronics until I was almost ready to go.

  4. I remember the time we went about 10 years ago in the summer. It would take a lot to go back then. Give me an autumn/winter break anytime, but yes… I am ready for another trip and with the right people the crowds and heat would not be as noticeable.

    Yes, just j… you got me!

  5. I skimmed through your Phantom link and didn’t see anything about a school-ification of the musical as has become popular these days, so indeed- I hope that the talent is there. I did note however it seems to be for high schools and colleges only, so no Phantom for us, alas.

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