You Can’t Make This Up

There are so many movies out there that no one has ever heard of least of all seen. I am sure that there a entire sites dedicated to the B-movie genre. Just cruising the net i came up with a few dandies which may be worth a peek on 3AM television or in the 50 cent rack at your local video rental shop.

How about “Attack of the Killer Refrigerator?” The refrigerator of fitness guru Richard Simmons is fed up with the Sweatin’ to the Oldies and the lack of good old fashioned junk food. The appliance develops a complex and seeks revenge by tracking down the thousands of people helped by the exercise video series and turns them into zombies.

Another fine title: “The Brain that Wouldn’t Die” is one that I have actually heard of. This masterpiece concerns a doctor whose girlfriend loses her head. The good physician preserves the head and still functioning brain in order to reattach it to a suitable body.

My personal favorite title: “Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed Up Zombies.” This is the epic story of a pig who is jilted by his porcine princess. The porker turns into a zombie and vows revenge.

If you are a fan of cult movies, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, or just plain bad movies that no one in their right mind would ever watch, then I urge you to track them down. Or, they may just pop in in a great game of Balderdash.

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  1. Lots of B-sci-fi gets posted to alt.binaries.scifi and .scifi-and-fantasy if you use newsgroups. Those titles are hilarious by the way. Doesn’t make me want to see them, but funny nonetheless.

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