Voyaging Through The Winter Wonderland


Yes, yesterday found our first major storm of (the not even started) winter.  Saturday night’s forecast said not to expect any white stuff until the afternoon.  Well… as I was walking to work at 7:50 AM, there was already a dusting and more falling.  After work at 2, I walked home and spent the afternoon watching some holiday classic specials which have been DVRing faithfully awaiting the time when we could share in their viewing.  Later, we watched one of Mom’s favorite holiday movies, White Christmas.  Old sentimental fluff but I must admit that it puts me in the holiday mood every year.  Tidbit… several people think that the immortal Irving Berlin tune originated in this movie.  However, it really debuted in an earlier Bing Crosby classic, Holiday Inn.

Today, since schools were all closed (and even delayed last night), my brother decided to take his kids to the third Chronicles of Narnia feature, Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Since a more local multiplex did not have a matinee, we decided to brave the blowing blanket of white for the big city.  Until we got on the Interstate, the going was rather rough.

The movie itself was wonderful.  I have it on good authority that it the movie is once again very faithful to the novel.  The seven Narnia books are each quite a bit shorter than the Harry Potter installments so I was not really surprised. The thing which surprised me was the switch from Walt Disney to Fox 2000 studios.  Apparently, the last film in the series (Prince Caspian) fell quite short in box office expectations and the Mouse House backed out of the remainder of the movies.

I have not read the book for some time so I did not know fully what to expect.  I knew the basic plot but little of the details.  But it was very good!  I can’t say what my favorite is because it is a series and definitely cannot stand on its own.  If you have seen or read any of the installments, you know that the series is a thrilling allegory.  Yet you do not have to be a devout Christian to appreciate the story.  Just going in and expecting a thrilling adventure is really all you need.  Growing up reading and re-reading all of the books,  I did not take the time to note every Christian symbol.  I could spend hours detailing C.S. Lewis’ theological mind… but I won’t.

Hope everyone enjoyed and was safe during the first winter storm of the season.

2 thoughts on “Voyaging Through The Winter Wonderland”

  1. I read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe when I was a kid and enjoyed it, but I’ve never seen the entire movie. I’ve heard from many sources that the latest Narnia movie is quite good. The aspects of Christianity incorporated into the Narnia series are intriguing, but I can’t see myself jumping into another series of fiction books any time soon – miss my true crime and non-fiction after more than a year’s break!!
    Glad you enjoyed the movie and that the ‘voyage’ there and back was made safely!

  2. The outlook for the other 4 adaptations does not appear to be promising. The all-important BOX OFFICE returns have been less than expected which is why Disney decided to bow out of this one. That should in no way deter those interested in seeing it! Personally, I blame the advertising campaign. I saw little about it until the last month or so.

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