The Next Karate Kid After The Last Next Karate Kid


Yep, you guessed it… ANOTHER REMAKE that does not need remade.  Why, oh why can’t people be ORIGINAL!?!?  I did enjoy the first two Karate Kid movies… they went downhill after that.  I wonder if Hilary Swank holds her turn as The Next Karate Kid in high regard.

I guess there are changes in the plot line: Work causes a single mother to move to China with her young son; in his new home, the boy embraces kung fu, taught to him by a master.  Well.. single mother forced to move, kid embraces martial arts taught by a master.  The fact that the master is changed to  Chinese and not Japanese changes little.  The fact that the stage goes to the Orient in the first movie instead of the sequel… well, maybe we will be saved from a sequel.

Looking at the cast list, I was shocked to see Jaden Smith (son of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith) at the top of the list.  I then looked at the creative geniuses behind the endeavor.  Imagine my astonishement when I saw both of the Smiths listed as two of the FIVE PRODUCERS?!  Really… do we need 5 producers to make a remake of a 25 year old movie?  Oh… and if you have been wondering what has happened to the long-forgotten (at least by me) Jackie Chan look no further.

So, lets see if Hollywood can bring us any good movies for the summer.

8 thoughts on “The Next Karate Kid After The Last Next Karate Kid”

  1. how many did they make anyway? I remember the one with the girl and then the one with the “standing mantis kick” thing from happy days’ chochi

  2. I was never really into Karate Kid, so I doubt I will catch the remake. Interesting that the star of the movie has A-list parents who are both producers…

  3. I must be honest and say I never sat through the entire original Karate Kid. I have seen parts of it though. I just never thought Ralph was that cute, so it didn’t interest me!!! 😉

  4. Nope, not the Karate Kid, that title belongs to Daniel-san. There were only three of those movies. The next one was really “The Karate Kid’s Teacher With A New Student” or something like that.

    Shouldn’t a remake at least be set in the same country as the original? Still might be entertaining though. I’m sure they will keep the classic lines. “Wax on, wax off…”

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