The Hitcher


Hubby and I watched this movie last night.  Plot inconsistencies aside – it is a horror movie after all, so we weren’t expecting much – it was actually better than I thought.  I really enjoyed how they let the main characters keep slipping away from the Hitcher, the bad guy, only to be back in danger…  but I kept wondering, ok they’re safe now, but the movie can’t be over, so how are they going to get back in The Hitcher’s clutches?  The answers to these questions are an entertaining combination of extremely stupid and horrible decision making on the part of our “heroes” and also some pretty good plot manuvers on the part of the script.  There was also a lot of police involved in this movie, which, for a horror movie, is pretty rare.  Usually once the main characters encounter the police, they are safe, but without spoiling TOO much for you, this film is different from the norm.  Like I said, it was better than I expected.  Not super-great, but I was never bored or grossed-out, both of which I can’t say during my recent viewing of Saw IV – now that was an awful movie.  I think part of it is the pregnancy, but I just couldn’t handle the gore.  It never bothered me before, but I always did find it annoying when they use lots of gore just for shock value.  Now it’s both annoying AND so gross I can’t even watch it.  And what was with the casting of Saw IV?  They chose 2 actors who look exactly alike!  Even if I was making a serious attempt to follow the plot of the fim, which I wasn’t anyway since I constantly had to divert my eyes and ears from all the gore, I wouldn’t have been able to follow the movie because of the 2 identical actors they cast who were not supposed to be the same character but looked like it!  Anyway, back to The Hitcher – I liked it better than Gone Baby Gone, but then again, it’s a totally different kind of movie.  If it weren’t for some plot unbelievabilities and some of the STUPIDEST decisions I’ve ever seen main characters make, the movie would have been better.  In review, if you like horror / suspense movies, see The Hitcher.  By the way, I’m talking about the newer version, don’t know anything about the older version, maybe I should give it a try.  If you like pointless gore fests, I still wouldn’t recommend Saw IV – I wouldn’t recommend that movie to my worst enemy.  If you want to sit through a terrible movie, try The Night Listener – at least it has Robin Williams! 

On an unrelated note, for those of you who have read my Walmart rant, during my weekly visit today, the “magic price increase of the day” was yogurt – up from $.44 per container to $.46 each.  By the way, have you noticed that computer keyboards do not have a cents sign?  If I’m mistaken, let me know, I have actually gone to use them before!

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  1. 46¢ now, up from 44¢? What happened to the commercial showing all the prices being *lowered*? Time to start visiting Meijer if you have one over there (I can’t remember).

    P.S.: No, there is no ¢ symbol on mine either. Just hold ALT and type 0162 on the keypad, then let go of ALT. Voilà! It works for all extended ASCII characters (symbols).

  2. interesting… but I will never remember how to do that… wonder why they took off the cent sign – wasn’t it one of the numbers on my commodore 64 keyboard? Guess it’s obsolete because everything costs more then mere cents these days… speaking of which, my mom tells me that gas prices are supposed to go over $4 / gallon in the next few weeks?!? Hope this doesn’t affect your potential visit to our neck of the woods?

  3. The Hitcher is actually a remake of a film of the same name from the 80s. Apparently, WM has abandoned the Low Prices Always campaign and gone with Save money. Live better. Questionable how this price gauging is saving the customer money.

  4. Have you seen the Hitcher from the 80’s? And wow – so wmart isn’t even trying to disguise their price raising anymore – that spells trouble, more on the way, it’ll get even worse! Thanks for the info, I hadn’t realized that!

  5. No… haven’t seen either movie. I’m finding interesting how they are beginning to remake horror films from days gone by. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc. They keep talking about a remake of Nightmare on Elm Street… too soon, if ever.

  6. A Nightmare remake? Now that would be interesting… if only they didn’t ruin it… watching the original as an adult makes it seem kinda dumb, but it was SO scary in the 80’s. I know they’re working on a Friday the 13th remake:
    And then, of course this isn’t horror – well, maybe it will be – but Goonies 2 is scheduled for filming…

  7. I’m so not a horror fan anymore. It doesn’t scare me but rather makes me think about real supernatural evil from the real evil one and makes me glad God chose me for His side. There will come a day when the devil will be bound up for 1000 years, as is written.

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