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So, following Broadway Cabaret night at the Little Theatre, Megan decided to take me up on my pizza/DVD night at the house while I am still alone (one more week… and it is still standing).  I suggested venturing to Wal-Mart to check out the redbox kiosk…. rent a movie for $1 per night, return when you are done or after 25 days it is yours.  After going to Electronics, I met Megan at the box and we made our choice of two movies… more on those in a bit.

We then travelled to casa Shaffer where I gave her the grand tour, upstairs, downstairs, beauty shop.  Did I show C&L the shop the other night?  My memory fails me.  So, after the pizza was baked, we put in the first movie.  He’s Just Not that Into You is just what you would expect: a chick flick.  While it was no Pretty Woman it was not all that bad and Megan wanted to see it and I  gentlemanly let her pick one.

However, I chose a movie which taylhis has posted about and a friend recommended the other day.  Megan had already seen The Haunting in Connecticut (for some reason, I thought it was A Haunting, but no big deal) and it scared the xrap out of her.  I must say that I enjoyed it very, VERY much and it did give me a good jump or 5.  Even more so knowing that it was based on a true story.  I will have to check out the frog site thingamajig to get the lowdown on how much accuracy is involved.  If you like a good horror film with lotas of thrills and chills, check it out.

However there was a downside to the DVD: it was badly scratched and about half way through it began to skip.  UGH!  Way to almost ruin a great movie!  I did send an email to the customer service dep of redbox to request a free rental or refund.  Megan asked me to watch out for the minister and see if I could recognize him.  I must admit that I was unable to.  Elias Koteas is the same actor who played Casey Jones in the ORIGINAL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies.  Never would have guessed since it has been years since I have seen it.

All in all, another fun night of music, friendship, pizza, movies, and great times!

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  1. I’ve seen those red box movie things….seriously, if you don’t return it it’s yours to keep????? So they are counting on everyone being honest? Huh…..

  2. Well actually, the movie is a dollar to rent and is to be returned by 9 pm the next night. You are charged a dollar plus tax for every night you have it. (It is taken from ur debit card), then after 25 days the fees stop and u can keep the movie

  3. I was so impressed by all the talent Saturday. Send in the clowns has special meaning for me along with the song from Miss Saigon. That is one show I didn’t care for when I saw it in Chicago, I think because I grew up with the war – but that song makes me shiver.
    I was so happy about standing room only – I have known most of these kids when they took lessons with mine many years ago. I graduated with Patty so it was like old home week.

  4. If I liked the movie enough to buy I would return it after one night then buy it new off the ‘net and save some money, as well as get the original packaging.

  5. Most people would probably want the new DVD rather than the Redbox version, but some people are forgetful or lose things, thereby having no choice but to buy the DVD when their credit card is charged – you have to supply your cc or dc before you can rent.
    And yes, we had an issue also with us getting a different movie vended out than the one we chose, and their customer service is very good.
    We’re addicted to the Redbox!

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