The Dark Night & Man Of Steel Public Enemies


Bats and Supes doing battle against other superheroes…. President Lex Luthor… a kryptonite meteor on its way to Earth.  These are just three of the major plots in the new animated PG-13 rated movie from the D.C. Universe: Batman/Superman: Public Enemies. And as far as I am concerned, the best so far.

Following a country-wide economic collapse, the megalomaniac, billionaire is elected leader of the United States, apparently he was in the right place at the right time and promised prosperity for all (HEHE).  The movie, nor the comic stated such, but I have a feeling ol’ Lexy was more of the problem surrounding the collapse then the recovery.  After taking over the Oval Office, some of the Justice Leagufor some reason came to join Luthor to make the country “safe.”

In a scheme to lure Superman into a trap, the president asks to meet to discuss working together to destroy the approaching meteor.  Instead, he has the cybernetic, kryptonite-hearted Metallo lying in wait.  During the battle with assistance from Batman, Metallo is “murdered” and a billion dollar bounty is placed on the Man of Steel.  This draws out almost every greedy minor villain conceivable.  Not only the supervillains, but also those heroes who are somehow blinded by Luthor’s machinations.

There is non-stop action throughout the movie which was really cool… definitely more suited for an animated feature.  My one complaint: where are all the major villains besides Luthor (no Joker, Catwoman, Bizarro)?  Instead, we get cameos by Gorilla Grodd, Solomon Grundy, and a bunch of others I barely recognized.  But that is only a minor quibble.  I also liked the return of Luthor’s battle suit.

So… I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys the animated world of D.C. Comics.  I read the graphic novel a few years ago and still greatly enjoyed the movie!  Plus, Allison Mack joined the list of Smallville cast members to voice another animated D.C. character.

3 thoughts on “The Dark Night & Man Of Steel Public Enemies”

  1. I usually try to leave a comment to show my support, but I really have no idea about what to say about this… never got into comics. Well, I read the rogue Garfield, LuAnn, or Muppets comic book back in the 80’s, but never DC… Enjoyed a few of the movies though.

  2. I liked this movie, but I was really more impressed with “Justice League, the New Frontier”.

    On this Batman/Superman movie, I really think they needed a stronger script. The story arc in the comics was strong enough, but I think it was weaker in the movie. The story line just seemed like an opening for a slug fest between heroes. Ok, maybe I’m reading too much into an animated comic book movie. I did like it, but I thought it could have been better.

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