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Most memorable movies have at least one promotional ad campaign that features a catchy phrase that in some instances have become ingrained in the world of pop culture.  Some of these are: “A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far…Far…Away,” and “Don’t Go In The Water.”  See if you can match the tag with the movie.  Heck, I’ll even throw in the year some of the movies were originally released.  Isn’t that just so nice of me?

1.  “Be Afraid.  Be Very Afraid” (1986…. there may or may not be more than one correct answer so look at the date)

2.  “An Adventure 65 Million Years In The Making”

3.  “The Human Adventure Is Just Beginning” (1979)

4.  “This Time…It’s War” (1986)
5.  “The Adventure Takes Off” (1995)

6.  “He Is Afraid.  He Is Alone.  He Is 3 Million Light Years From Home”

Answers will be forthcoming after enough time has passed to see how many readers attempt to respond. I will try to keep it fair to everyone by monitoring the post and deleting the guesses.  Good luck.

5 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It”

  1. Get ready I think I know all of them…. Should I wait? Nah More hints.

    1) Jeff Goldblum needs the Raid.
    2) No lions, tigers and bears to worry about in this Park.
    3) To boldly go, the first time.
    4) They don’t believe her, but she kicks butt anyway.
    5) That’s not an old Ford Wagon or a low flying plane.
    6)Wish my bike could do that.

  2. and I will allow your clues to remain… I have deleted the other actual guesses by other readers…. good try all.

  3. Ah, thanks for the hints. 1 must be Arachnophobia, 3 Definitely Kirk I (one of my two guesses). Still don’t know 4&5 tho. So a D for me (67%)…

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