Not So Evil… YET!


So… we are now in week two of rehearsals.  Last night was exceptionally fun.  We had our first injury and it wasn’t even stage related.  It seems that our director had a bit of a spill earlier in the day and had a humongous gash on his forehead.  Someone made the crack that he should have dialed 9-1-1 and he could have answered his own call.

We rehearsed a few of Mr. Potter’s scenes and while I tried my best to be good and evil, I was having a bit of difficulty.  For one thing, I kept hearing someone humming the “Imperial March” (or Darth Vader’s theme) from The Empire Strikes Back.  No goon to lead me in so I improvised which did not help matters at all.  So, while fun, I don’t think we got a great deal accomplished.

After rehearsal, I went home and watched my new rental, the second X-Files big screen extravaganza entitled, I Want to Believe. It was definitely the uncut director’s edition because there were a few rather gruesome scenes that would have NEVER made it to movie screens rather long the television series.  But, being a fan of Agents Mulder and Scully, I enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Not So Evil… YET!”

  1. I hope your director is doing okay.

    I actually saw a movie before movie buff jamiahsh?? 😮
    It was an okay movie I thought, not great but still entertaining.

  2. You know, I’ve read this post twice and had to get up both times before I could make a comment…
    Forgot what I was going to say!

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