Nightmare On Alumni Street

As has been the trend lately, they are going to remake a popular horror movie from my youth – Nightmare On Elm Street.  When the movie came out in 1984, I was too young (and scared) to watch it, but the main character, Freddy Krueger, was everywhere.  Everyone wanted to be Freddy for Halloween, and just his picture was enough to scare me silly.  I think even people who don’t like horror movies know who Freddy Krueger is – a burn victim with a hideously scarred face who has knives for fingernails and invades the dreams of his victims.  We tried watching Nightmare On Elm Street as adults not too long ago, and it wasn’t scary – it just came across as dumb.  So maybe a remake IS in order.  I just hope it’s not horrible like Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake.  Actually, the Friday the 13th remake wasn’t so great either.  I did enjoy the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake though, and I really liked the remake of My Bloody Valentine – two movies that prove slasher films can be successfully remade.  So I hope this Nightmare on Elm Street is on par with the latter two I mentioned.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I read an article about how they are going to be filming this remake in Chicago, with some scenes being filmed at the high school my husband attended.  The students had a surprise assembly on Friday, where they were told that their high school is going to be used to film a movie and that extras would be needed.  How cool of an assembly would THAT be?  The article mentions that the movie will be out April 16, but it doesn’t specify which year – I’m hoping they mean 2010 because I’m anxious to see it!  I just hope they don’t try to do any funky computer stuff for Freddy’s face or glove.  I think good old fashioned makeup is sometimes what makes things scarier!  Here is the article about the choosing of the high schools.  And just for fun, here is the trailer from the original Nightmare on Elm Street:

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  1. Nightmare was the first horror movie I ever saw on cable tv. I don’t remember if I was excited, scared, or excitedly scared with anticipation. I do remember liking it a lot… maybe lost a few nights over it. However, I too think it has aged badly. The series progressively became campy and Wes Craven himself was not pleased with the path it took. I did “kind of” like Craven’s New Nightmare in which the actors of the original returned as themselves. I remember reading that the new movie was going to be shot in Chicagoland. Perhaps another guided tour through the landmarks will be in order at least one, anyway.

  2. Why do we have to check the box every time we post a new comment on each post… annoying esp. when you forget to check it.

  3. I would imagine that it means 2010. I don’t think movies of this type and budget take long to produce. Interesting that Hersey (reportedly) does not have a pool which is necessary for the movie. But that would be awesome.

  4. Maybe the other HS has a pool – that’s why they’re using two? I think it IS 2010 – the blurb on imdb mentions 2010. And I don’t find myself needing to check the box multiple times – once I am subscribed, I stay subscribed, I think! I hate when I accidentally subscribe to my own posts – then I get TWO emails for each comment!

  5. I just finished yesterday’s paper and I didn’t see this article. Pretty neat for the kids at those schools. I’ll be at the middle school down the street from C’s alma mater tomorrow.

  6. I didn’t have to check a box to post- are you talking about the one at the bottom about emailing when there are new comments? I never cared about that option.

    Just so you all know, horror anti-buff that I am, I did used to watch them including the original Nightmare movies, though I stopped for the most part before New Nightmare came out.

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