My First Professional Call Back


I could never, ever put the last 10 years down!  I have been in 17 (soon to be 18) stage productions and met the most amazing group of people anyone could hope to meet.  They really are my best, dearest friends!  Today, I went to my first professional call back.  I had absolutely no idea what to expect so I made sure to get a decent night’s rest (after watching the best season premiere of Smallville in its ten years… what a way to start off the final season) and eat something this morning.  I was a little nervous but a LOT MORE excited.

As I entered the call back space, the receptionist acted like I was from outer space. Not far off but after learning that I was the first to arrive (big surprise) she invited me to sit in the sitting room and wait so I had more time to read through my sides.  Only three other perspective actors arrive… two of whom I have had the pleasure of working with before… and one already professional from Indianapolis who has appeared in a commercial with a certain Colt.

After waiting the arrival of the producer (who ran a bit late as his car was attacked by a horde of rampaging wildebeast), we were subjected to horrors too gruesome  to describe on this little, family-friendly blog.  I must tell you that I have never seen such horrors.

Following the torture, we were given “the acting is not all peaches and cream speech”.  Even after the fearful events we were put through, I thought that it could not get any worse.  And I have heard the same speech more than once.

And the outcome of all the horrors!  EXCELLENT!  I am forbidden to say anything more.  But I am just a bit more excited than I was when I left this morning 😀

I wonder if I get to rid myself of the “scruff” after October 17.

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  1. Wildebeest and horrors too gruesome at an audition? Sounds like this audition was from outer space! Despite the encrypted nature of this blog post, I did see that the outcome of the auditions was “excellent” whatever that means… Vague as this post was, I will still say “congrats!” to the excellent outcome (I think).

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