My Favorite Movie At The Drive-in


I was so excited to receive the newsletter from my local drive-in movie theater this week, and I’m so glad I checked it when I did – tonight there is a special showing of Wizard of Oz (which just happens to be my favorite movie of all time) at the drive-in!  I can’t wait to watch it under the stars!  I am so glad that I didn’t wait to open the newsletter; I can’t imagine how disappointed I would have been if I had missed the email or had something else planned!  I only checked it yesterday otherwise I would have put together a costume.  But that’s ok, I’m just happy to be going, and I will bring along my hard-cover coffee table book that just happens to have the full script printed inside it.  Boy, will that drive my fellow drive-in friends nuts, but then again, it’s not like I  need the script in front of me to recite the movie.  😉

I am so excited!!

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Movie At The Drive-in”

  1. I would not have needed it, either! But BOY what fun! So glad you let me know and rehearsal allowed me to arrive before you did… even if the GPS told me to turn into another field of dreams (or nightmares if I had taken her advice). I think you have a two-year old Ozian. He sat on my lap and conducted every song! Of course, I might have encouraged him just a bit 😉 WHAT A BLAST!

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