Is There A Word That Rhymes With Solace?


Some of the most fascinating parts of a Bond film are the opening credits. All but the original movie opens with an action packed opening scene follow by what could be considered a pre-cursor to the music video. Most of them feature tantalizing, scantily-clad (or less) beauties often in silhouette. Accompanying these scenes are 21 songs by artists of today or others who have gone by the wayside. While some of the songs have been more popular than others, only one has topped the US singles charts and two have been Academy Award nominees. In the opening to For Your Eyes Only, singer Sheena Easton became the first performer to actually appear in the video. This marked the first time the performer appeared in the credits video. One singer has performed two memorable themes. In one of the latest films, a singer/actress had a brief (THANK YOU) cameo.

After troubled performer Amy Winehouse was deemed incapable to record and Paul McCartney could not create a rhyme for the word “solace,” Alicia Keys and Jack White (?… is he the twin brother of Jack BLACK who was accidentally switched at birth?) are recording the first duet to be used as a Bond theme.

By clicking on the link, you can test your knowledge (whatever it may be) of just 10 of the 21 themes. I had to brilliantly guess on a few of them; however, I did slightly better than Dr. “Oh” No ranking. Or you can reminisce by posting your favorite Bond theme, for those who like such things. Mine is the instrumental theme to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service which is very underrated as is the movie (unfortunately… as I find it one of the best and different from most).

2 thoughts on “Is There A Word That Rhymes With Solace?”

  1. I also know my Bond, James Bond… I have a Golden Gun….

    I was always a Beatles/Wings Fan so my favorite was always Live and Let Die. I always did think that the Bond openings were some of the best in movies. Some climatic or death defying feat right at the beginning of the show, and then the theme and classic Bond shot.

    And that doesn’t even mention the names of the female characters…

  2. You have a Golden Gun… WELL WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT DAT?! Yes, the Gun barrel forgot to mention that… forgive me… instrumental in EVERY Bond film… right after Leo roars. LALD would be my second favorite theme… I too am a fan.

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