Indy Is Not Going To The Dogs


Well… at least Mr. Lucas has done something right. He recently acknowledged the fact that any future adventures of Indiana Jones MUST have Harrison Ford in the titular role. There will be no passing of the fedora and whip to his son “Mutt” Williams in the near future. The final scene of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull alluded to that when THE hat was seen blowing into the church and Dr. Jones snatched it away from the young upstart. Of course I would say that as much bad press as Shia LaBoeuf has been getting as of late, he may find it difficult to find work if he continues on what seems to be a downward spiral.

In this article, Mr. Lucas also speculates on the future of his other cinematic series of films including the opening of Star Wars: Clone Wars this weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Indy Is Not Going To The Dogs”

  1. Yes, well… anyone who had the desire to watch the movie already has by this time I’m sure. As for revealing the knowledge that Mutt will not be inheriting the whip and fedora… I would have to think long and hard about whether or not I would watch if he had.

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