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If you haven’t been to the site and you like and/or watch movies, I give you permission to take a break from my blog and visit it now:

This site has everything about pretty much every movie:  a list of the actors and crew involved with clickable links so you can see where else you’ve seen them if they look familiar or where else to find them if you like their work, trivia about movies, quotes, discussion boards, and much more.  They also have a movie rating system for users, so you can see if a movie is going to be worth the time to watch it according to popular opinion.  Imdb lists keywords for movies, which I’ve often thought would make a fun game.  I’ve posted some below for you to try.  These are the keywords imdb has listed for some popular movies – I will give a hint – all but 2 are movies made pre-1990.  Keep in mind that I didn’t choose these keywords; imdb chose them for whatever reason and some can be quite strange!  Let me know if you would like additional hints, I can give you genre, actors, or just random hints, happy guessing!

1. Punch / Kiss / Muscleman / Eggs / Fistfight

2.  Bikini / Used Condom / Champagne / Broken Window / Brother Brother Relationship

3.  Coming Of Age / Controversial / Fantastic / Wish / Wish Fulfillment

4.  No Opening Credits / Tragic Incident / Talking Animal / Copyright Infringement / Falsely Accused

5.  Planet / Concert Scene / Box Office Flop / Laser / Physicist

6.  Miniaturization / Shrinking / Remake / Sword Fight / Toy Soldier

6 thoughts on “imdb quiz”

  1. Strange keywords indeed. Of course I could cheat and look them up on imdb, but that wouldn’t be any fun.

    Well maybe I’m not so fun because I’m really not sure on most of them.

    1: No idea

    2: Erm… I think I will stay far, far away from this one…

    3 sounds like it could have many answers, except maybe the controversial part

    4: Not sure. Was the animal a cat? For some reason there are two movies I know of that have talking cats. Well, one of the cats spoke telepathically, but hey. I would guess if yes then it was the one where the cat actually opened it’s mouth to “speak” rather than do it telepathically (The Cat from Outer Space is the title of the latter I believe).

    5: Did Real Genius have a concert scene? I know there was a party…

    6: Small Soldiers? No. Was there a movie titled The Incredible Shrinking Kid/Man? If there was I didn’t see it… 😛

  2. Thanks for trying! HINTS:
    1. came out in 1976 – genre: drama, romance, sport – won 3 oscars
    2. Chicago setting – one of the lead actors went to the same HS I did in Wheaton IL – movie from 1980 – action, comedy, musical – but because of the weird keyword, go ahead and keep your distance, can’t say I blame you
    3. cartoon – 1992
    4. cartoon – 1994 – type of animal from cat family, yes
    5. terrible movie from the 80’s, also involves talking animal, not a cartoon
    6. Annette Funicello

  3. Okay, I found all of them. Apparently I’m an idiot because I have actually seen all but one of them, including the infamous #2 which of course reached cult status (never saw #6). I never knew #4 had used a song illegally- I just looked up why that keyword was there and apparently they actually lost the suit.

    I can say that I should have been able to guess #1-4 after the hints (I did guess #1 in fact, but not the others). It’s been far too long since I saw #5 to ever guess that one. In any event, an “F” for me on this one…

  4. Don’t sweat it by grading yourself – the keywords are really off the wall, and that’s what makes the game “fun” – but it’s probably much more fun to make the quizzes than to guess them… thanks for playing!

  5. Here’s some useless trivia about me: I started using the internet movie database before it was an online database. You used to have to download the software and database and run it offline. I did this on my lil’ ol’ Amiga 500 (with hard drive of course- not possible otherwise!) in the early 90’s.

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