I Don’t Think The Dead Care About Revenge


HERE THERE BE SPOILERS (not purposely, but if you have yet to see Quantum of Solace or even have a fresh viewing of Casino Royale behind you, I would skip this post.  And if you are uninterested in either, then I give you permission to skip it all together.

One thing I can say about the new Bond is that it does not lack from the action pieces.  The new movie starts right off with 007 in a battle with a semi and at least three other cars while he is inside his Aston Martin.  The plot picks up mere moments after Casino Royale ended and follows Bond on the trail of a new sinister organization that was responsible for the death of his love, Vesper.  This organization is so all-encompassing and secret that neither CIA nor MI6 know of its existence.  That being said there is almost no one that can be trusted.  The British government has a hard time trusting Bond himself who seems to be on a mission of revenge.  M herself puts a hold on all of his passports, credit cards, etc. making it nearly impossible to move about on his mission.  OK… enough on the plot.

There are several things that I liked about the movie.  Returning players from the previous films: our old friend Felix Leiter from many of the previous films. And Mathis whom you never know where his loyalties lie.  But as he alluded to, the world is full of gray.  Black and white are almost nonexistent in the world today.  I have always liked the series when it travels around the world and this one goes all over.  Battles are fought on land, sea, and air.  And there are two lovelies.  One for strength of character, the other for a bit of eye appeal.

HOWEVER,  and this was a complaint I had with the previous film.  Bond is too serious.  Killing may not be all kicks and giggles, but the best films of the series had some moments of relief from the action.  Few puns, few double entendres.  Daniel Craig is too hard… lighten him up a little at least.  Put some of the fun back into the series.

Final verdict: I would definitely recommend this to fans of the 007 series… of which many seem to be divided.  However, if you are unfamiliar with it, Quantum of Solace definitely is not the film to start with.  I have a difficult time suggesting which film to go to when asked by novices.  I was introduced with For Your Eyes Only and was thrilled from then on.  Perhaps one or two of my faithful readers can suggest a jumping off point.  A few of us have favorites but is that a good place to start?

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