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Well… since I do not have a play to be in this holiday season, I will try to hit a few of the blockbusters coming to the multiplexes in the next few weeks.  I have already mentioned the runaway train movie that I CAN NEVER remember the title of but it stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.  Denzel always seems to be at the top of his game.  Does anyone know of a less than great performance he has delivered?  Also curious to see if Mr. Pine can go beyond his role of Captain James Tiberius Kirk (that is the first role I have seen him in)  UNSTOPPABLE! THAT’S IT!  Opens Friday, November 12 (my day off, hmm).

Also Opening up this Friday is Skyline which looks like an entertaining alien invasion flick.

Next week’s major opening is a definite must see!  In fact, I have already made plans to see this next Saturday (it is my week to work Friday night).  If you have not read/seen book/movie 6 in the Harry Potter series… may I suggest hunting out one of the two before heading out to see the first part of the final chapter.  I have always thought that The Half Blood Prince was more of a transition to The Deathly Hallows.  Although, I found the previous film to be somewhat of a letdown, there are some elements that I recommend discovering before going into what I anticipate will be GREAT!

TRON:Legacy will probably be best experienced on a good cinema screen and hopefully, I will be able to make a viewing.  Twentysome years is an awfully long time to wait for a sequel.  However, with the technological advances made since 1982(?!), I’m sure it will be spectacular!

The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader opens in December, too.  I really was not aware that this had been completed until I saw a preview a few weeks ago.  This is the third movie based on C.S. Lewis’ classic 7 book series.  I really enjoyed the previous installments…primarily since they were some of my favorite tales growing up.

I think that is about it!  It almost seems like summer with all of the action-packed popcorn movies opening up.  I thought the last few months of the year were geared toward the Oscar worthy features.  Maybe someone thinks that Yogi and BooBoo will be “contendahs” 😀 or the return of the Fockers?

So… hopefully with all the hustle and bustle the holidays bring, everyone can take a few hours and escape.

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  1. Yes, definitely some good movies coming up. I suggest you go to local movie theater websites and find out their specials – Auburn has $5 day on Tues, and Def has it on Mondays if those will work with your schedule. And you can print out coupons off the internet also. And some theaters have MUCH better 3D capabilities than others.
    Personally, I’m going to wait and see if the HP movie was actually filmed in 3D or if it was converted, then I’ll probably decide to see it before I’ve read that portion of the book. That way, I can still see the last one AFTER I read the book. I think Unstoppable looks like a run-of-the-mill action movie, but with Denzel as the lead, I’m sure it will be more than that. I thought Skyline looks really good! Yogi Bear? No thanks.
    Recently saw Megamind and Saw 3D – both were disappointing.

  2. I actually plan on seeing two of your listed movies on the big screen. That’s right- I only see maybe three movies a year in the theaters, and here are two of them. 😆

    The others will await DVD.

  3. I am so excited for this movie it’s a little embarrassing. I did nothing but watch Harry Potter movies and drink whiskey with my roommate when we were snowed in for a week last winter.

  4. It was a great movie. It wasso similar to the book and was exactly how I imagined the new characters and scenes. They did the 3 brothers story scene extremely cleverly and it added something new to the film. It’s definitely different than the others and is much darker. 5 out of 5 for this one and I completely support the 2 part decision. From what I’ve heard, part 2 is going to be the action packed movie so it will be better than this one. Can’t wait!

    1. Thanks for the comment! My well read nephew and I only counted a few omissions from the book. Even two movies apparently cannot promise everything. I believe that most of those could be handled in part the second 😉 July 15th can’t get her soon enough for MORE than one reason! And for what is left, it is sure to keep on the edge of our seats. But I did not see anyway one movie could do the book half the justice it deserves.

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