Drop Hangars And Other Uninvited Guests


Today was a rather hectic, busy, but ultimately rewarding day.  The Sunday before the opening of any show I have ever been in (no matter the venue) is known as Tech Sunday (or as I like to refer it… Hell Sunday).  This day was much different than ones I am used to.  Today involved trying on the rented costumes which we just acquired… I am happy to report that my costume fits nicely.  After trying on the costume, I helped hang three drops that will be flown from the rafters of the Huber.  FINALLY, the tech rehearsal began.  Microphones tried for the first time… some successfully, others… well, we were promised that they would be worked on.  Good to know!!!  the rehearsal was much more for the lights and sound cues as we just rushed through lines, songs, everything.  I have every confidence that the dress rehearsals will go magnificently beginning tomorrow… The best of times; the worst of times.

I am happy to say that my ticket count continues to grow.  Today, I had to pick up two for opening night.  For Saturday night, I have already purchased 4 and tomorrow I have been asked to pick up 4 more.  Glad to know that I am contributing to the audience count.

After rehearsal, I needed to get the tickets to Megan and Carol.  Megan and I decided to make the final showing of The Uninvited.  A very suspenseful movie that I will not dwell upon since taylhis has already done so.  I, too would find it hard to post a full review as there is just so much good stuff packed into the 90 minutes that it would be hard not to give anything away.  Excellent movie.  But I am pleased to say that we both enjoyed all the twists and turns and even were getting to the point of overanalysis while eating at Pizza Hut which I can now tell I will be paying for.

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  1. ‘Tech rehearsal’ are dreaded words for cast, crew, AND spouses of cast and crew 😉
    Hmmm, that comment looks familiar!

    Glad to hear it went well!

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