Death In Arena Seats


Ok… ok… if you have seen any two of the now four Final Destination flicks you know what you are going to get. Tonight, Megan and I went to a very nice cineplex which has very comfortable stadium seats very spacious to catch the latest installment aptly titled THE Final Destination (is this a sign that this will be the last final destination?)  Judging by the box office from last weekend, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see The FINAL Final Destination hitting big screens in a year or two.  It even beat up the latest installment in the Rob Zombie reboot of the Halloween franchise.  I have yet to see the previous film… I really enjoyed the original John Carpenter creation with Michael Myers wreaking havoc in a Captain Kirk trick or treat mask.

This time, a young man has visions of death while sitting at a stock car race.  After the premonition, Nick quickly begins to warn his three friends and others seated around him of the approaching doom.  I assume the travesty was due to either the age of the venue or faulty construction.  A few days later, the body count begins to climb as the survivors of the tragedy at the track die horrible, mysterious deaths.  Nick “sees” visions of these deaths and eventually comes up with the pattern Death is playing out.  But can Nick and his twentysomething aged friends stop the pattern before Death visits them all one by one?

I wouldn’t say that I liked or disliked the movie…. I’m on the fence on this one.  As I previously noted, this has been done before only with four different locations for the starting off point (a commercial airline flight, a highway pileup, and a theme park roller coaster were the previous three).  Plus as with most films of this genre, there was an ample amount of blood and gore.  But Megan and I both agreed that while it has been done before, it was fun… maybe it was the company.  Selected theatres also have the added attraction of 3D something that seems to be making a comeback as of late in both horror and animated features.

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  1. Maybe if I get REALLY desperate at the Red Box 🙂

    Saw both Halloween re-makes, and you’re not missing anything, The first was just about the worst thing ever while the second was ok. I am not a Rob Zombie fan. Will have to haul out Carpenter’s version in a little over a month!

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