Beastly Beauty In The Snow


Recently, the American Film Institute (AFI) presented their list of 10 Top Films in 10 Categories. It seems that every year, the group presents their list of 100 Films in various specials (one was 100 Years 100 Songs). This year they decided to be diverse and focus on animation, sci-fi, gangster, fantasy, western, sports, mystery, romantic comedy, courtroom drama,

The top ten Animated as presented by the AFI:

Finding Nemo

Cinderella (1950)


Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Toy Story


The Lion King



Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

I suppose there is always going to be something to be said for the achievement Walt Disney made in 1937 by creating the first full-length animated feature. However, I do not think that it should be considered the crowning achievement in animation. To me, Beauty and the Beast is an even greater accomplishment. It not only continued the resurrection of the animated feature begun by The Little Mermaid, but almost made me forget that I was watching an animated movie. The scene in which Belle and the Beast dance to the title song begins with what would normally be termed a crane shot (if it were not an animated feature). Beauty also holds the distinction of being the first animated movie to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.   It was also the first fully animated Disney film that I really thought would make a great musical on the stage (coincidence?). Every time I watch the film, I can imagine each of the characters being brought to life on stage; and yes, I have even imagined myself as my favorite character in the show. I am terrible audience member.

Beauty and the Beast (Disney Special Platinum Edition)

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