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Saw the movie Alpha Dog last night.  It wasn’t really my kind of movie, and the only reason I really enjoyed it is because it’s based on a true story…  and unlike many  movies which claim to be based upon true stories, this one was actually pretty accurate.

It’s about a spoiled rich kid named Johnny Truelove (based upon the real-life story of Jesse James Hollywood which is his real name, believe it or not) who is a drug dealer but because of his small size and tremendous influence, entices his friends to do his bidding for him.  A former childhood friend of his owes him money for drugs, and they are now enemies because of this and some other incidents.  So, Johnny happens across his nemesis’ younger brother, and he kidnaps him for ransom of the drug money owed.  Something goes awry, and the innocent teenager ends up dead, and after four years on the run and a few appearances on America’s Most Wanted, Truelove/Hollywood is captured and now awaiting trial.

So-so action movie, lots of violence and graphic language, especially from the mouth of Justin Timberlake who is surprisingly not a bad actor.  But I cringe for the little girls and their parents if there are any who watched this movie just because he was in it because some of the things that came out of his mouth…  whew!

And both my husband and I found it hard to believe that there is this kind of culture going on, whether in California or elsewhere, where entire families are caught up in the drug culture, parents and kids alike.  At one point in the movie, a teenage girl goes to her mom for help because she is upset about the kidnapped “stolen boy” as they call him, and the mother turns her away, saying that she is x-ing (on the drug ecstasy) right now and can’t even understand what she’s saying if she wanted to.  Does this really happen?  Probably…  but it’s probably not as widespread or as well-masked as this film would have you believe.

Hubby and I agreed that the movie was entertaining, but it wouldn’t be a re-watcher for us.  And the only reason either one of us really enjoyed it is because it was so closely based on the true crime story what happened to the innocent 15-year-old victim Nick Markowitz.

4 thoughts on “Alpha Dog”

  1. Yes. Sad story. A real look into how the world of drugs can quickly spiral out of control.

    I just cannot believe anyone talks like these people. Constantly calling each other F*ING this and that. Referring to their girlfriends as B*TCHES as if it is there name. Crazy.

  2. Check out what I found on the parental advisory on imdb:
    “Extreme profanity. The film holds the fourth highest total of most uses of the “f” word (369) in a feature length film, with the “f” word being used most times in a movie.”

    That actually surprises me – it was very profane, but there have been movies that have actually offended me. There have been movies we’ve turned off because of the language, yet me made it through this one, supposedly the most f-bombs ever. Guess it just depends on the mood I was in, because I wouldn’t have guessed it was the most ever… maybe one grows deaf to it after awhile – like a high school bus driver in the Chicago suburbs 😉

  3. Yes — a movie like The Aristocrats. Which is an award winning critically acclaimed movie where you actually get to hear Bob Saget talk about… Ugh. I cannot even discuss it here. Yuck. Bob Saget? Ohh… Bob Saget.

  4. The Aristocats? I did not know Bob Saget was in that…. I thought it was a Disney cartoon about a bunch of cats…. Sorry, you are talking about The Aristocrats…. entirely different movie obviously.

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