A Nice Warm Apple Pie


Today being that day that someone ages a year older (not necessarily wiser), I got several emails wishing me a happy birthday… one from an area radio station informing me to listen at 6.50 AM for my name. I also knew that our local station has a birthday quiz at 6.45. I set my alarm a little earlier than usual (I could always go back to sleep). The question posed: “Who played the role of Kevin in the American Pie films?” I knew that it was not Jason Biggs who played the lead, Jim. I must admit that I had enough time to go to imdb to find the answer. After learning that Thomas Ian Nicholas played the part in the original trilogy of films, I rolled over, dialed the phone number, and rather groggily gave the answer. Apparently, Courtney understood me enough since I won a certificate to one of our local coffee shops (I believe there are two).

I will not comment on American Pie, but on another film that Mr. Nicholas was the adolescent star of. In Rookie of the Year, Thomas starred as Henry, a young kid who has a little league accident that gives him the world’s greatest pitching arm. Who should discover him but the lackluster Chicago Cubs (this was 1993… not the phenomenal team of today) baseball team. Cliches abound but the movie is fun to watch for the whole family (if memory serves). John Candy was in the press box. Was Harry still with us or could he not be persuaded to step in front of the screen? If Bob Ueker could do it, why not?

So, a nice birthday present. Hopefully, I have other equally memorable events to post about later.

8 thoughts on “A Nice Warm Apple Pie”

  1. When you said American Pie, I was thinking of American Graffiti for some reason and I thought to myself, was that Rookie of the Year Kid even born yet?? But of course, American Pie is a completely different movie, more than 25 years after AG with Ron Howard. Whoops…

  2. Never saw American Pie – don’t think I’m missing anything. I like Rookie of the Year – being a Cubs movie doesn’t hurt. Harry was still around during Rookie of the Year; he didn’t pass away until 1998, but he wasn’t really one to make cameos… he was in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but it was a recording of his voice only.

  3. Happy Birthday!! Cool stuff to win something on your B-day. You must be doing something right. Got any tips for lottery numbers?

  4. I would expect that even if they knew it wouldn’t be relevant news to them. After all, the station is in OH and Elgin is two states away in IL. I wouldn’t expect our stations to talk about any happenings in the Toledo area either. 🙂

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