The Giant Gila Monster


Your typical late 1950’s giant monster movie. Huge lizard terrorizing a small western town. Strange accidents occur, people go missing, and we see a lizard and a very large foot. Complete with dark settings and ‘spooky’ music.

As with most of these 1950’s ‘horror’ movies, they do try to write some sort of plot. Bunch of ‘kids’ in this are driving around in ‘hot rods’ and having all sorts of relationship problems. Money, family, girls you name it, they seem to have those problems. These problems have nothing to do with the giant gila monster.

First report of this monster is from a drunk (of course), and he wasn’t in any condition to be believed.

Yes, a typical ‘B’ movie. I had a few laughs watching it. Available on IMDb.

5 thoughts on “The Giant Gila Monster”

  1. Sounds like one of those late, late movies that used to be on regular tv before cable came along. Is that perchance when you watched it during one of your sleepless moments?

  2. Haven’t seen many B movies. Tried to watch Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, but only because we went to dinner with one of the writers. I don’t remember if I liked the movie or not.

  3. Sleepless moment, I guess, but not a late night one, I started the show before 10.

    And this leads me to the next post….

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