While I was heading to my eldest daughter’s place last Saturday, I did a bit of shopping in the Toledo area. I was looking for an animated Superman series on DVDs. I found them. What got me started on this, was finding Superman DVDs in the cheap section of some local stores. Anywhere from $1 to $8 for 4 stories. The animation was ok, but most of the story lines were very good. Not at all like the Superfriends that were on TV when I grew up. The producers of these shows seemed to put a bit of thought behind each story. I was happy with the few shows I had.

Then, I watch the complete Justice League on DVD. I’m fairly certain I have all the episodes. And there were references to things that happened in the Superman Series and maybe even Batman. I just had to get them to find out what went on. I tried looking to rent, but I figured out, I was just going to have to buy them. Lucky for me there was a special that day. I now own seasons 1 through 3. I watched Season 1 and will watch the others soon. A very good way to pass the time.

Now I have to see if I want the complete Batman and Batman Beyond series……

3 thoughts on “Superman….”

  1. Hmmmm,,,,, which Superman cartoons are we talking about?
    there were several beginning way back in the 1940s and 50s up through the latest 90s edition. From the sounds of it they were the newer as they had cross-over episodes involving Batman and other JL characters (Flash for one).

  2. I’m talking about the 90’s shows. I have a few from the 40’s, but the stories were not up to the 90’s shows. I like the 40’s shows for the historical aspect, The Superman before he became almost invincible.

  3. Yeah, I have the complete 40s collection via my Superman movie collection. Fortunately, the animated series have become closer related to the comic over the years.

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