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I have been disappointed in the selection of Television shows for many years now. Even when you add cable selections, the choice of what to watch is rather limited. I have not gotten into any reality show. If I had my choice those would be taken off the air forever. But it seems like most people like them and they do have a large following. Current crop of comedies, you can have those too. I haven’t watched any of those either. Dramas, boring. Even though I liked CSI and Law and Order when they first came out (in all flavors), I’ve grown tired of them also. I watch a few for the remaining actors on them. If and when they go, well I won’t watch those shows either. I cut my television watching down to 4.5 shows a week. The .5 I only watch because it comes before another show I like. That’s 4.5 hours of Television a week. 3.5 hours coming in two nights. This doesn’t count the occasional sporting event. I don’t plan my days around football on Saturday or Sunday, and I can’t say I watched much baseball this year.

If I had cable, I might watch a few other shows. Especially if I could get some of my old favorite series. I’m not sure if television was better in my youth, but I do remember a few shows that I really liked. Some of them don’t survive the test of time. The Six Million Dollar Man and Knight Rider just don’t have the same kick anymore. Some of the comedies I used to watch just seem stupid today. I’m really not sure what I saw in them.

The shows that I’ve seen recently that have stood the test of time for me are

1. MASH — I’ve seen all the shows at least twice each, and I will still watch if I see it on.
2. All in the Family — At least the early years. Some of the later years, I just couldn’t get into.
3. Star Trek — Pick any of the (except Deep Space Nine) I like Trek.
4. Columbo — Peter Falk was just great in that role.
5. MacGyver — Yep, just saw this on the internet to down load. The hair styles, clothes and cars are a bit out of date, but the MacGyverisms pure fun.

That’s it, for now. I can now check out the internet for many of my old favorites, so this list may not be complete.

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  1. MASH is on every day at 5 on the NBC out of Ft Wayne, if you get that. I really enjoyed All in the Family when I was younger also – and I agree about the later years. The niece Stephanie that they threw in seemed like kind of a desperate ploy for viewers.

  2. DS9 was prolly my least favorite spin-off, too (but I did like the Tribble episode). But I never realy got into Enterprise all that much, either. I only remember Columbo from the series of movies of the week they did periodically in the 90s. the rest were good. AS for today’s shows… I totally agree with you. Thursday night is my must watch night. The rest… BLAH

  3. 1. Never watched believe it or not
    2. Watched some. A favorite of my dad’s
    3. Liked ’em all, movies included, looking forward to new one next month
    4. Never watched
    5. Classic Richard Dean Anderson. Never watched, but I enjoyed him in Stargate: SG1. In fact, I just watched Stargate Continuum tonight, one of the movies released following the conclusion of SG1.

    Speaking of reading books before movies (see my comment on the Crichton post) I have been looking forward to the new Legend of the Seeker TV series. Just recorded the first episode last Saturday and will watch it soon. It is from the Seeker of Truth fantasy epic by Terry Goodkind (Wizard’s First Rule is the first book if you want to check it out).

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