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I’m heading out to see a movie this evening (got to get the early show price). I’m going to see something I haven’t seen in years a 3D movie, complete with cardboard glasses. I hope we get to keep them, because I need some 3D glasses to see some stuff from NASA. I think they need the red/blue glasses, not the polarized lens glasses, so I’m hoping it is a red/blue thing….

Anyway this post is a preview of my review. I haven’t been impressed with the previews to this movie. It looks like another of those take a book and lets ruin it type. But I’ll find out more when I get there. I think the 3D is going to make or break the movie. If it works well it may make it, if it doesn’t it will be a flop.

Just my early take based on previous trailers…

Well, just got back from the movie, dinner, putt-putt and ice cream.  I’ll have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the movie.  Apparently the producers realized that a this book needed a different treatment.  Instead of completely forgetting the book, the new and intrepid explorers are actually re-investigating the book.  With this take, I didn’t care that it wasn’t following the book at all.  Just new characters following the same journey.

I can’t comment on the 3D, since the theater I went to did not have the equipment to show it in 3D.   It was a decent comedy/adventure.  Brendan Fraser again does a very good job with this type of movie.  The special effects outside of 3D weren’t too bad either.  They kept the “Center of the Earth” fairly dark, and this always seems to help blend in the special effects.   The characters all seemed to interact very well together.  I’m not sure I will need to find a 3D capable movie theater, but if the TV version is 3D, I may rent it.

So there you go.  I recommend seeing it, but you may want to hit the early shows.

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  1. Jamiahsh Good 3D movies have been shown at places like Sea World and Disneyland.

    Derek, I’m not sure what type of 3D movie it is, the theater I went to did not have the equipment available to show it in 3D. Bummer. But I’m thinking it will be the polarized glasses. Lucky they have a 2D version for our smaller theaters

  2. Well that is a bummer that you didn’t get to see it in any sort of 3D. now I know I need to be careful if I see it at a local theater to make sure they have the 3D setup. I do know some theaters are offering it in digital, so I would hope that means polarized 3D with the projector running at double the framerate (each eye every other frame). In the past they had to carefully set up two projectors which were controlled by a computer. Now the technology exists to do it with one projector.

  3. I usually enjoy the ones at theme parks, but since there is such a differece in the quality of vision between my eyes, the effect doesn’t work for me as much as it should. My favorite 3D movie is Jaws 3. Not good 3D effects, but there’s something I like about the super cheesy plot and special effects.

  4. taylhis, I’m guessing you’re at home now. I don’t suppose they have internet connections in our local hospital yet. Hope you and the little one are doing well.

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