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I’ve been hitting the Superhero movies hard for the past few weeks, so I thought I would let some of my other side show. So I thought I would write about Mel Brooks Comedies.

My absolute favorite is Blazing Saddles. A wonderful spoof on almost every western made. I’ve been thinking that this movie could not be made and release today. There were way too many politically incorrect comedy bits in that show. The best part of the show in my opinion had to have been Alex Karras. The part of Mongo and his hitting the horse and of course the Candy Gram. These little things made the movie fun for me. Of course all the puns and movie bits that make most of the Brooks’ comedies fun to watch over and over again. There are seems to be movies I haven’t seen that have been used in satire in these movies.

On to a quick list of favorite in order

1) Blazing Saddles

2) Young Frankenstein

3) Space Balls

4) The 12 Chairs

5) High Anxiety

6) History of the World

7) Silent Movie

8) Robin Hood Men in Tights

9) Dracula Dead and Loving It.

10) To be or not to be

11) Life Stinks

12) The Producers

–Not a movie but it should be in here The 2000 Year Old Man.

— I’m fairly certain I will like Get Smart this summer too. He is a writer for that, and was a writer for the original series.

5 thoughts on “My other favorite movies….”

  1. I didn’t know he wrote for Get Smart. Never watched the tv show, but as a Steve Carell fan, I’m planning to check it out for sure.

  2. Yep…. Mel Brooks…. funny stuff. There is a new Sierra Mist Undercover shamelessly promoting Get Smart with a picture of Steve Carell as Agent 86, Maxwell Smart and Anne Hathaway as Agent 99. Did they ever reveal her name in the series… it has been years since I have seen the reruns.

  3. I think of that list I have only seen Spaceballs and Robin Hood. I will almost certainly see Get Smart, whether on the big screen or on DVD.

  4. No they never did reveal 99’s name. And they only gave the Chief’s first name. From what I can remember all the agents had only 1 name if at all except Maxwell Smart. From writing all this, I found one more Mel Brooks comedies that was a favorite of mine when it was on (for only 13 shows) Does anyone else remember “When Things were Rotten”?

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