Full shows available on the internet.  Who would have thought of that.  I also have enough speed to watch one as long as I don’t make the screen too big or watch anything else.

I really liked that show when it was on.  What I thought was great, is that some of the things he did would actually work.  

I can’t remember how many I tried out.  Yes, even as an adult I did try some of the MacGyverisms.   My wife thought MacGyver was good looking, so she didn’t have a problem watching the show either.  She got mad when I sprayed a lightbulb with water once.   Hot lightbulbs explode when they get wet. Who would ever have thought that would work in real life.  Glass shards all over the place…  I was more careful after that.  I waited until the house was empty to try new things.

Well anyway you can watch whole episodes of Macgyver on an IMDb link here. 

7 thoughts on “MacGyver..”

  1. Hi John,

    I usually access your blog through Tanja’s blog, but since you posted on ywbb I thought I’d stop and say “hi.” I’m just_me_1963 on the ywbb.


  2. Hi John,
    I saw your link on ywbb. I hardly ever post there so you probably won’t be able to find me (bugs) but I had to come look at your blog because of your signature there. I identify with that song too.

  3. Hi John-
    Just popping in to say “hi”.

    We always loved that show too… my hubby was so resourceful like him- so we could really relate LOL!

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