I see I forgot about the Mummy


Not exactly, I just never sat down to write a review on this movie, but my “Clone Wars” review made me think of it again.

First question asked and answered. Is it a Mummy Sequel? They say so, but I really didn’t think so. This guy was not a mummy, he was cursed and turned into a statue. Low and Behold somebody had a way to bring him back to life… Hmm

This movie was fun. The time in the theater just flew by. Statue people, unearth skeletons, and even Yetis. (Now where and why did they every find Yetis???)

Fun action flick, lots of comedy to keep it lighter, great scenery, and the good guys win. But best of all NO BUGS. The only thing that really bother me about the other Mummy movies were the various bugs that crawled into or around people. Just enough to make you itch… This movie no bugs.

Fun matinee movie, or a good rental. Don’t bother (and I think it is gone anyway) going to the superplex for this one.

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