Funniest Movies of the past 25 years??


The year 2009 would have been my 25 wedding anniversary, so these are movies of my married and widowed life.

Well, Entertainment Weekly published their 25 favorite Comedies of the past 25 years. I was sure that some of my favorite comedies would make the list. Strange thing is, most of the comedies they mentioned, I never saw. Some of the ones I saw, I didn’t really like. Some that I didn’t like are liked by some friends of mine…. I must have a weird sense of comedy. Of Their selection, the number 1 and number 3 were on my list of top comedies. Mel Brooks produced three comedies in the past 25 years, and none of them are on this list. I guess I’m just out of it.

Given time, I will come up with my own best comedies of the past 25 years. I’ll have to dig out the dates of the comedies I enjoy. Just so you know, I imagine both Space Balls and Robin Hood: Men in Tights will be on my list. Also included would be Beverly Hills Cop and Ghostbusters, the two movies I like that made Entertainment Weekly’s list.

5 thoughts on “Funniest Movies of the past 25 years??”

  1. 25 Years seems too short a time. How many of those would make the list of 25 Best of All Time? South Park… shameful. Yes, BHC was made in the days when Eddie actually made GOOD comedies. No Spaceballs (one word despite the annoying underline)?! Another travesty. Thank heaven American Pie was not on the list. No Naked Gun (while funny) would not be around without Airplane… too bad it does not fall within the 25 years. I liked Office Space, too.

  2. I also enjoyed the three Vacation movies (not including the unfunny fourth and the ludicrous cousin Eddie Christmas sequel made for tv). Of course, Ghostbusters is up there, too.

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