August Rush meets the Chipmunks


I rented two movies for this evening, the first was “Alvin and the Chipmunks”. From my childhood days I remember listening to The Chipmunks Christmas Song and Alvin’s Harmonica Song. I didn’t think I would like the Chipmunk movie. It was cute, not at all what I thought it would be. Great kids movie, and entertaining enough to keep the parents amused. The did play the Chipmunk song during the movie, but I didn’t here the Harmonica song. Just a little disappointed in that. Can’t have everything.

Now the movie “August Rush”. Much different than I thought it would be. I saw the previews and theatrical trailers for this movie, and the didn’t do it justice at all. This is one I may end up purchasing for my collection. I’m not exactly sure where it would fit in. Not my normal movie choice. It’s not exactly a music movie, not exactly a love story, not exactly anything but what it is. I found that Robin Williams can be a bad guy. His character was played to perfection. Since he was the only actor whose name I recognized, it wasn’t hard for me to put and keep everyone in their own character. The movie flowed around the story, and the characters made the story. I can give no better compliment to a movie. I was entertained through the whole thing

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  1. might have to check that out – never heard of August Rush… maybe R Williams can redeem himself after the Night Listener. He is also good as a (kinda) bad guy in One Hour Photo – seen that?
    Chipmunks was good for the kids, and I liked how they stayed mostly true to the cartoon (red sports car, etc) – but where was Mrs. Miller?

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