Books Are Now Movies


About a month ago, I saw The Other Boleyn Girl. I had heard mixed opinions about it. A friend of mine told me that it was not historically accurate and did not follow the book very well at all, but my sister told me that it was really good and  that I should go watch it. I love the book. In fact, I own it. The book was written by Philippa Gregory and she has written many historical fiction, like the book I’m reading right now, The Virgin’s Lover. The movie was as both my friend and my sister said. As long as I could forget about the book, it was a movie that I would watch again. If things from the book popped into my head, it was a terrible movie! Whether I buy this movie or not is debatable still. If the movie is going to not go by the book, it should at least get some things right. They never explained what happened to Mary Boleyn’s first husband, he just disappeared and suddenly she was married again! How was that explained in the movie? It wasn’t and it drove me crazy! Why must movies be based on books and then not be like the book? Ella Enchanted is a movie and a book. I love both, but they are so completely different. If they are going to rewrite the book to make a movie, why base the movie on anything?

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  1. You realize, of course, that usually the author of the book has very little to do with the screen play of the movie. This is one of the factors that make the movies different from the books. The other part is that some parts of books make for very boring movies.

    You’re correct in saying that you must forget the book while watching movies. The unexplained bits, that you find in many movies, are probably somewhere on the cutting room floor. Do they really add that much. Some directors/producers/editors didn’t think so.

    In some cases, the movie makers take the name of a well known book/author and write a movie. Only the names of some of the characters remain the same. If they have good story writers, you get movies like “I Robot” or “Ella Enchanted”. If not, you get movies like “Asimov’s Night Fall”, a very good story made into a horrible movie.

  2. you know that I am going to write one of your stories into movie, and I already told you I am going to change quite a bit in it, on thing I am going to do is had controvesy more than likely physical combat, makes people want to watch it, and some other things like that.

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