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Before I begin, I must state that writing a blog with cats turns out to be very difficult! I was on my laptop downstairs because when I use Tony’s desktop, I usually have Wedge walking across the keyboard. Well, he decided to cuddle downstairs, but Beru was unhappy with that arrangement and she walked across my keyboard and made my screen black. I have no idea what she did, so I came upstairs and so far, Wedge is still downstairs! We will see how long that one lasts. 🙂

I have just finished reading the Heretic Queen and before that Nefertiti. Both are written by Michelle Moran and I have read them both multiple times. Nefertiti is about, obviously, Nefertiti, Akenaten’s wife and the Heretic Queen is about Nefertari, Ramesses II’s wife.

Well, I wasn’t able to finish up this yesterday because Wedge had to come and try to help me. I had to work also, so that didn’t help. We will just have to try again. Anyway, I have been looking for these books cheaper than the original retail price. I have found some on the internet, but so far it hasn’t been a top priority for us right now. 🙁 I know that when I do buy them, I will have to get them in hardcover because of how often I read them! It’s like one of my favorite Star Wars books that I read over and over. I have almost destroyed my Vision of the Future written by Timothy Zahn. The poor book has been read so many times and is now falling apart. The binding is barely holding the pages inside the book. I think some of the pages are falling out. I have another book like that also. Ella Enchanted is falling apart also. I have certain books that I tend to read over and over and no matter how careful I am, they will eventually fall apart.

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  1. Zahn’s SW Heir to the Empire trilogy and the follow-up duology are some of my favorites, too. I have read each of them repeatedly.

    1. I love all his Star Wars books! I have everyone he has ever written and now he’s writing another one! I can’t wait for it to come out!

    1. Unfortunately, it isn’t coming out until fall of next year. 🙁 It’s going to mark the 20th anniversary of Heir to the Empire.

  2. I haven’t read any of those books, but then again, I just began to read fiction again, and chose the Harry Potter series, which is taking a long time. After this, I’m going back to non-fiction!
    Hmm, books falling apart… perhaps another reason a fellow blogger likes the electronic book reader so much…

    1. It’s hard to read an E-book when I am on my lunch break at work though. I think I still prefer an actual book in my hand than an E-book. It’s easier around the cats also. They love to get in the way of the computer screen!

  3. Zahn is definitely one of the better Star Wars book authors. I was really turned off by the continuing Yuuzhan Vong epic plotline drawn out over over many books (by many authors), but whenever Zahn’s Grand Admiral Thrawn entered the scenes, I could scarcely put down the books.

    1. I liked Thrawn, but I have to say that it was Mara that really grabbed me. I was crushed when they killed her off!

    1. I really liked that series. I have read almost all of them. They weren’t the best Star Wars books I have read, but not bad.

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