Morat And The A Man Of Magic AND MORE PIZZA


Hello every people.  My next night in Flor-ida was a spent in a downside up building.  I a look up and I see the stairs on the ceiling.  Wooly Sheep.  It was a very strange building, I never seen anything a like that.  We a go to the downside up building to see the magic man on stage.  He was a very strange man.  Little girl person, Taylor was a called on to the stage to do a magic trick.  A few minutes later, Morat was a called up.  Magic man thought Morat say Borat.  I tell him my name is a MORAT Notboratnichkov from Liswathistan.  Magic man say he a call me Timmy.  T and I tie the hands of magic man together and pull hard on the a rope.  I a think I pull little too hard because I pull the other end right out of T’s hands.  Some people in audience say Morat was a very funny.  But they were a three sheep to a the wind.  A little bit later, Chris was a called to the a stage to do a magic trick.  I a also see a weird man person who was a on stage and a showed a huge a stomach and a large a crack.  Not a only did we a see the magic, we also a eat the pizza pie.  WOOLY SHEEEP, more a pizza.  I think we all were a sick of pizza.  NO MORE A PIZZA PIE!!!!  I a like a pizza pie but I a not like to so much so a many times.  three nights in a row is a TOO MUCH!!!  But, Morat enjoy the a magic man, he was a very funny.

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