One Week To Go


After tonight’s rehearsal, I am even more excited.  There are some issues to be ironed out but what show doesn’t all the way to opening.  Mary send me a text during rehearsal commenting on one of the aspects of the show.  Something that is very noticeable but I think is essential and makes it even more challenging, but I did agree.  Even more I think I NEEDED to be in this show to see how far I could push myself.

One of the issues was staging.  The director specifically pointed me out and I could not have agreed more!  In one scene, I was not sitting how I needed to be to interact with “Eve.”  It will be remedied.  Madame Director commented on my facial and body expressions.  Seriously, do they stand out THAT MUCH!

Bring… it… on.

And the Yanks finally came home and won a game after the near sweep by the team from Motown.

4 thoughts on “One Week To Go”

  1. Break a leg next weekend. I hope I can make the Sunday show…

    Hey, the games in Motown, you could have been there…. Maybe that would have helped out your team. 😉 or not…

  2. Thanks, j! Same to you on your sellout night! Hope you can make it Sunday.

    Yeah! I know I could have been there! As it was I only got to catch the tail end of a few of the games… such as most of them were 😉

  3. I caught the tale ends of the games too. All good games up to a point. Good pitching for both teams, except for 1 inning. I would not have expected 3 shutouts in 4 games for those teams.

  4. Might have to be switching to my backup team the Tigers soon – not much good baseball coming from the Cubs this year. 🙁
    But then that was obvious opening day. UGH.

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