Nuttin’ For Christmas

Last night…. Another Op’nin… Another Show!  Have to work at 8 this morning so I saved my post til 7:17AM.  This is WHY I LOVE THE STAGE!  The first moments of a live production in front of an audience is so exhilarating.  So pleased and blessed that nearly all of the evening was a tremendous success!  Thursday night, Mare informed us that we had nearly 100 reservations for just this one night.  This might not be anywhere near capacity but A HUGE number and they were very receptive.  At least 15 of those reservations were for my family and co-workers plus I saw others that I knew during the meet and greet.

The cast was tremendous!  Everyone from the “dangerously deranged” Kris Kringle to the smallest elf were in top form.  Sitting backstage, one my favorite scenes is when the kiddies sit on Santa’s lap telling him their wishes.  And if you know the 1947 classic, the little Dutch girl sends an “AWWW…” tingle.

Following the show as I made my way into the house, the bank manager yelled over her shoulder to me.  When I made my way to my family members, my mother informed me that I would be getting “nothing for Christmas, this year.” YES!  “Kris’s” 17/18 year old nephew informed him that he wanted to come up on stage and punch me. Another huge compliment.  Finally, a Village Player regular elated that in her opinion I was “the star of the show.”  (SHUCKS….  I don’t know about that…).

The Huber ghost must have been pleased with the production as he wrecked havoc with the light and sound in a few bits.  Nothing like the scene in Hound of the Baskervilles in which “Selden” is found lying dead and the spotlight failed to go down so I could rise and exit the stage.

However, following the show Mary had to rush off the stage as an older gentleman had fallen outside and needed medical attention.  Some of the steps at the front of the theater are in great need of repair and apparently the audience member had stumbled over them… BADLY.  Praying that the gentleman is not seriously injured.  Hopefully, this sends a message to the building owners to repair the steps as I have noticed their condition over the course of the last few years.


One performance down… TWO TO GO!

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  1. ugh… step repair! I know the feeling of needing that. I’m so sorry to hear that someone was hurt. Glad you had a fun weekend!

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