Were We Off To See The Wizard Or To St. Louis?


I’m not entirely sure but after the final curtain fell, I began to wonder.  While we were striking the set, the tornado siren sounded not once… not twice… but three times (a lady).  We all piled into the catacombs of the Huber and enjoyed pizza, cake, cookies, and other goodies.  I’m so glad the warning did not sound until AFTER the show was over.  But everything the theatre took in I believe today at least if not part of last night’s take was all profit.  Good for the joint venture of the  Village Players and Huber Opera House.  I just cannot express enough how great it was to be involved in this production in the beautiful theatre.  There are stories I have heard about the building only a short 20 years ago that would not be appropriate for this blog.

I just find it amazing every time a set is taken down.  All the time and hard work that went into the creation of such a beautiful picture and down in less than half that time.  This was even harder because this was ONLY a three day event as opposed to the seven show run of the WCCT.  However, no matter the outcome, there is always something memorable to take away from every show… yes, even Grease had a few fantastic things come out of it and anyone who reads my blog KNOWS what that is.

But, once again, thank you to all involved in Meet Me in St. Louis to the Village Players and to the Huber Opera House.  Hicksville Ohio has a wonderful venue that harkens back to an era long ago.  I look forward to auditioning again.

6 thoughts on “Were We Off To See The Wizard Or To St. Louis?”

  1. Don’t think our siren went off, but it was awfully windy. The power flickered long enough to make us have to play with the clocks for the second time that day because of the time change. And it happened while we were at Rita’s too – scared the heck out of the kids, hehe. Glad to hear that everyone was alright and that the Huber is still standing – that thing just might be a portal to Oz in the right weather!

  2. Can’t remember from the books how Dorothy got to Oz each time. But the boxes and the inner sanctum reminded me of Phantom of the Opera. “Did I not instruct that box five was to be kept EMPTY!” I don’t think there were any touchdowns but some were nearby over the OH-IN line near Ft. Wayne. They did not sound at home either.

  3. The run was very successful. The stationary seats plus the folding chair closer to the stage sat 300 or just over and I believe they were full each performance. Let’s hope some of those seated there make their way to Lion next weekend 🙂

  4. There were 3 tornado touchdowns in Defiance County; near Ney and Sherwood, they didn’t say anything about Hicksville, but as we all know, Defiance County isn’t very big. Thank goodness there were no reports of injuries – just downed trees and roofs blown off.
    I don’t much care for the Oz books; then again I only read the first one, but the movie is incredibly different and my admiration lies with the special effects and makeup given the time period and the budget. I also love the acting, the music, and the fact that it’s a fun movie to watch!

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