Thanksgiving… Round One

Let’s see… I got up around 8.30 for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and to bring the long table and chairs down to set up.  That is my job, set the table and chairs up… kind of easy… get it done and over with (then again, I have to haul them up later).  Parade time:  floats, large helium balloons (including the new Smurf balloon), marching bands (including a band made up of senior citizens… kind of neat).  But my favorite part as always (big surprise, right)… the casts of Broadway shows performing songs.  Featured this year, last year’s big Tony winner, In the Heights; the revival of South Pacific (another possible musical I have been considering bringing to the committee’s attention); a new stage production of Irving Berlin’s immortal White Christmas; The Little Mermaid; and the coming revival of Hair.

Around 10 o’clock the family started gathering.  One little one was sick (having 7 children at a gathering, isn’t it usual to have one down).  At 11.45, the chronically late members of the family showed up.  I was surprised because if anything they are usually 15 minutes late.  Those members you need to tell that dinner starts a half hour before it actually does.  Chad entered and had hair down the front of his pants.  I asked where the hair came from.  His response led to my response of “That’s what SHE said.”  A case of inneuendosis.

So the feast was delcious as always.  Turkey, ham, delicious dressing, masked potatoes, noodles, pie, pie, pie (apple, cheery, pumpkin and more on the way tonight).  The only problem being the dead phone line.  It sounds like there is a phone off the hook or the person who called last did not hang up.  So I could not call to wish Happy Thanksgiving to friends.

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  1. I hear broadway is undergoing cutbacks due to diminishing audiences. Not as much disposable income to see the shows these days. Just a week or two ago, I read a lunch detention report of a student who used that innuendo you mentioned above. School is just not the place for it. I wonder if he even understood it, or just heard it on TV? It was elementary school after all.

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