Not A Very Patient Patient


I am happy to say that my dad has returned home and no more scares unless he continues to be a terrible boy.  Monday morning, he decided that he could resume his crossing guard duties at school in the freezing temperatures and snow flurries.  I had a day to sleep in that morning and mom is on the school bus from 6.45-8.00.  Needless to say, there was no one to stop him.  At 10.30 when he should be getting ready for the pre-k students to come and go, he was lying on the couch sleeping.  I tried to revive him, but to no avail.  So at about 2, mom calls the village office to say that he will not be doing the crossing guard until at least Wednesday when he has a follow-up appointment.  I guess it makes sense that they only allow employees of the village do the job or I could have walked out the door and done it just as well.  At three, he attempted to go out the front door to cross the street.  However, I put my foot down and, surprisingly enough, he actually listened.  In the meantime, he is not taking his meds as he should be.  Yesterday, he did not take them AT ALL.  This morning, we asked if he had taken them yet; he did not know which ones to take.  WOOLY SHEEP (I actually said that under my breath!!! Stubborn!!! Send HIM to Liswathistan (kidding).  Hopefully, this doesn’t last long.  But for the most part, he has been resting and allowing his body to recover while driving those around him CRAZY!!  But patience with the patient is sure to win out, eventually.

5 thoughts on “Not A Very Patient Patient”

  1. Yes the trying patients are the most fun. I remember that with my father, he wanted to do more than he should days after heart surgery. I guess the good part was, was that he felt like doing something.

  2. Exactly… it might not have been AS bad if the weather was nicer… say 30 degrees warmer. But Thank God he is on the mend.

  3. Yes taylhis, I feel for you when C is in.. but I honestly do think nothing compares to Dad. He does seem to be returning to his old self, though which is a blessing.

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