Elementary Chinese Proverb


So after mass tonight, I took two lovely, entertaining young girls to watch me niece in her elementary school’s production (not program as the director informed us before the curtain rose… the distinction is the mere formality of budget) of Mulan, Jr. I was really impressed by the entire production, the set design and costuming (for nearly 80 3rd-5th or is it 4th-6th grade… WOW!) was very well conceived especially for an elementary school show.  The backdrop was a very impressive painting depicting Chinese mountain scenery.  But the costumes were one of the highlights of the show.  I’m not sure how many tailors were used but we were informed that they were all handmade.

For such a young cast, I was really impressed by some of the performers.  My favorite was the evil leader of the Huns, Shan Yu.  A tall, imposing figure dressed in black with his small entourage.  His voice was also quite commanding.

I also though that the young lady portraying Mulan had a very nice voice.

I must have been trying too hard to locate Elizabeth, but I still think the costuming was so well done that it was difficult to spot her.  Taylor actually pointed her out to me.  Oh, yeah… that’s her in the purple robe!

There were also some miscues that were not entirely the cast’s fault.  A few times the miked performers were not heard because the sound tech failed to have them on.  However, one young man must have been delayed in his entrance because I heard someone on stage whisper, “Where’s …?”  Ah, the magic of live children’s theatre.  Overall, I really thought it was adorable and Taylor and Sammie seemed to enjoy themselves which made it even more worthwhile.  Plus, they even brought a gift for our star.  The Huber Opera House was filled to capacity (well… the main level) which was something I had not seen since St. Louis.  I guess it is true what they say about audiences with children on stage, but 80!!!

I also got a very early Christmas present.  A blast from the past, actually.  I know someone in my family had the Parker Brothers Six Million Dollar Man board game.  I knew as soon as I saw the box that I had played it years ago.  LOVE IT… THANKS! Plus we had time to play a quick game or three before the night ended.

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  1. Thank YOU for taking the girls – it’s great that they can get to go out at night while Mom and Dad and the little ones stay home and rest. They had a BLAST!
    I’m glad you like the game! Found it right around the time you blogged about the 6 mill man, so we had to get it and couldn’t resist giving it early.

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