Those Crazy Kids


Well, it’s not a full moon tonight, but you could have fooled me.  My kids are acting completely nuts today; I just had to get away from them for a few minutes for some “me” time to vent and blog this out.  Ok, it’s not really “me” time; the kids are right here, they just happen to not be needy at this moment – first time all morning.  I actually just checked the moon’s forecast, and we are only 2 days away from a full moon.  Oh, my – does that mean I have 2 more days of this?  My blogging teacher friend wrote about how she used to be able to predict her students’ daily behavior by the way a herd of Clydesdales were acting when she passed their farm on the way to school each morning.  If the horses were running around, there was a good chance the kids were going to be crazy.  I’m betting that if I had a herd of Clydedales in my backyard, they would be running around.  And that would be cool – I’ve always wanted a bunch of animals.  But hopefully I’m wrong about something crazy being in the air and the chaos is just localized to only our house because I have to teach youth group tonight, and I don’t know what I’ll do with crazy teenage girls if I have to deal with crazy little kids all day!

Sammie, my Kindergartner is still sleeping, and it’s almost lunch time.  I can’t complain about her behavior because for the past 3 days now (knocking on the wood floor), she’s been good as gold.  Yes, I am counting the days of her goodness because we just endured an incredibly bad phase of hers that lasted a few months – it was really bad.  Why dwell on the negative, though?  Today she was playing with her little brother without even being asked, and they were so cute together!  They played tag, and she read books to him – I would have taken a picture, but I was busy meeting the demands of my 3-year-old, Disney.  She was always the one I could count on to be good; she’s always been a sweetheart.  But lately, she’s been in a really intense phase, and it’s hard to handle.  She has a very loud, shrill little voice, and she’s always using it to yell “MOM”, and you wouldn’t believe how often she needs something – hungry, thirsty, help with something…  we starting heavily potty training; I’m talking no more diapers during the day, so of course that makes her even more needy.  By the way, the potty training is not going very well.

Well, I’d better wrap up; I’m sick of all the interruptions – I’ve found it’s better when I don’t really try to blog or work while the kids are around because it causes more frustration than productivity.  But it’s amazing how positive things look when our Kindergartner is in a “good” phase!  And her older sister has been completely awesome lately too, so that makes 3 of my 4 kids in good phases.  And Disney’s bad phase can’t even be called “bad” when you compare it to one of Sammie’s bad phases.  It’s funny how our family dynamics are constantly changing as the kids go in and out of phases – kind of like the moon!

8 thoughts on “Those Crazy Kids”

  1. Great post…….you know I’m 36 and I have phases too so I’m not gonna dig on a 3 year old for being a little testy!!

    Hang in there, you seem to be well suited in attitude for your brood. I’m just curious how the parakeet is doing though? Your making me want one since you have been postiing about JJ

  2. JJ is doing great! He’s very happy; always chirping and squawking and experiementing with different sounds. I haven’t gotten him to perch on my finger yet, but he let me pet his belly the other day. I’ve been going really slowly with the training, partly because of my lack of spare time, and partly because I’m afraid to scare him. We moved his cage to sit on top of a different piece of furniture the other day, and he seemed really happy to get higher up and further away from our toddler and the dog. Thanks for asking! I would recommend parakeets as pets – they are low maintenance, cheap to maintain, and happy little critters!

  3. Aw….the world of children… 2 days are ever the same. Now you know why I love working in a school. Some days are a huge joke. Dad always hears good stories. I thought my grandchildren were “perfect”.

  4. And here I thought that link led to *my* blog, then wondered when I got the, er, operation- you know which one- when I read “she”… 😉

    So we have a *real* teacher blogging here now. 🙂

  5. Well, ok, so I should have said ONE of my teacher friends… good point, sorry! I consider you a real teacher, derek!
    Also derek, your first clue was the field of Clydesdales – is there any room for a field of Clydedales anywhere on the way to any of your jobs, haha?

  6. Methinks you forget where I live. Okay, so the horses are not exactly of the draft variety, but still…

    Okay, I’ll grant that I’m a real teacher too, just part-time.

  7. This cracked me up!!! I totally agree with you on the full moon thing! When I was teaching, my kids would act CRAZY on full moon days. Tim says he always knows when it’s a full moon, because people are out acting nuts, and he has to deal with them!

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