The Mayor And The Macarena – Part Deux

About a year ago, I had a blog post called “The Mayor And The Macarena”.  It was about my family’s first roller skating outing (it was a birthday party for the Girl Scouts organization), and my post was so titled because our county’s only roller skating rink is owned and operated by the town mayor.  Not quite being fully assimilated to small town living, I guess, I got a big kick out of watching the mayor play DJ; especially when he spun old has-been but essential tunes for us to dance to on our roller skates like “The Macarena”, “YMCA”, “The Chicken Dance”, and “The Hokey Pokey”.  So it’s that time of year again – Happy Birthday Girl Scouts! – and we attended the birthday party at the roller rink again on Sunday.  That reminds me, did you know that the infamous chicken dance now has lyrics?

“I don’t wanna be a chick,
I don’t wanna be a duck,
I just wanna shake my butt”

Well, that was news to me because as far as I knew, the chicken dance was just that – a dance with motions and no lyrics, but I bet you can guess which word the kids absolutely LOVED putting the emphasis upon…  ah, kids!

Coincidentally, our Girl Scout’s younger sister was also invited to a birthday party at the roller rink on Sunday.  Which meant 5 straight hours of roller skating!  After 5 hours, the girls had showed so much improvement!  We even got skates for our 2-year-old, but those skates were practically bigger than she was, and they were so heavy, she didn’t have a chance:


But like I said, after a few hours on the skating floor, the older two really got the hang of it, despite a few spills and some breaks, err, rest periods, not broken bones, thank goodness!

3-15-09-roller-skating-0103-15-09-roller-skating-026The girls’ baby brother even had a great time singing and bopping along with the music…

A great way to cap off an extremely busy weekend… we had so much fun, I think we’ll make a few more trips over there even before the Scout’s party comes around again next year!

9 thoughts on “The Mayor And The Macarena – Part Deux”

  1. Are there words for the bridge… or is it just an instrumental? OOOP… I a get confused… of course I knew there were words to the Macarena. I meant the Chicken Dance.

  2. Macarena, Chicken Dance? Whatever happened to the Limbo at the skating rink? Not that I ever did any of those things. I could only skate in a circle, frontwards. I tried not to fall down.

  3. Oh yes… something about do-si-do… I don’t quite remember. That isn’t the part the kids were SHOUTING, haha.

  4. The Limbo was done – twice. I forgot to mention that everything was done TWICE – once during each party.

  5. Mary Schaufelberger

    I was the chick you saw holding on to the railing for the first two hours, then I’d get a little daring and get about a foot away from the wall, and by the time it was almost time to go I could go forward in a circle, legs locked and arms out for balance. You better not touch me though, or I’d end up on my derriere!!!
    Sounds like a fun time though!!! I wonder if I’d be any better at it by now???

  6. I remember roller skating both when I was younger and when you, Lisa, were young. I even think I remember you having a birthday party at Funway one year. I bet the kids had a ball. I don’t think I would try it now…..I would probably break something.

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