The Good Girl


Bet you think this is going to be about one of my kids, don’t ya?  Well, the truth is, they’re all good.  Unless you count yesterday, when #2 and #3 were acting up…  but it was another snow day, so I think they had cabin fever.  And luckily for me, my friend and neighbor called out of nowhere and asked if she could take the older 2 sledding with the kids she watches.  I was having a bad day, especially since the dogs were being needy about going outside constantly (with a new one, it’s not really a fun gamble to see if she’s “lying” about having to go potty!), and as I said, the kids were acting up, so I was very agreeable to the sledding plan!  It was like a miracle – I SOOO needed that break, and the kids needed to get out of the house, so in the words of my friend Morat – EVERYONE WINS!!!  THANK YOU SHELLEY!

Now, for what the post is really about:  The Jennifer Aniston movie, The Good Girl.  We watched it last night.  You’re probably thinking, wow, they watch lots of movies, and you’re right!  We have a lovely library system where you can search almost every Ohio library online for almost any movie you can think of, and they will ship it to our home library for free – you just have to wait a few days, sometimes longer if it’s a popular movie with a waiting list.  So, almost every night, hubby and I like to sit down with a movie during our “parent time”, providing the kids willingly go to bed, which of course is not always foolproof…  But most of the time, it works, so last night the movie was The Good Girl.  The movie started out kinda slow, but it did get better.  I would classify it as a dark comedy.  Jennifer Aniston plays a bored, depressed housewife who decides to have an affair with a co-worker, played by Jake Gyllenhaal.   Her morals (if she had any to begin with that is) and behavior spiral out of control from then on, and the movie is an entertaining look at modern day suburban life gone awry.  It is a good dark comedy, like I said, it takes some getting used to, but we liked it overall.  Jake Gyllenhaal probably stands out as the best actor in the movie (along with Mike White – more on him later); his character was just this crazy 22-year-old man-child.   Jennifer Aniston was ok, but it took me about 20 minutes to get past her just acting like Rachel from Friends with a southern accent.  Maybe an actress playing the same character for 10 yrs. in a hit sitcom clouds a viewer’s perception, I don’t know…  I did really like that show and have seen every episode at least once, some MANY times.  Once I got used to her in this movie, she did a good job of bringing her character to life, although none of the main characters in this movie were really all that likable.  That probably has to do with it being a dark comedy – more on those later.  You have to really feel sorry for her husband in the movie who is a real dip (not to mention a pothead), but comes nowhere close to deserving all the crap she makes him put up with, not that I know who would…  Zooey Deschanel is great in this movie; she doesn’t play a likable character as far as being a nice person, but she is hilarious and provides much of the movie’s comic relief.

I really only like to compare movies in the same genre, so it’d be difficult for me to rate this one compared to other movies I’ve watched lately, like Vantage Point, The Hitcher, or As Good as It Gets.  I can’t really remember the other dark comedies I’ve seen, but I know I liked them; Heathers and Drowning Mona come to mind, but I’ll have to watch them again cuz it’s been awhile.  Overall, I would say that if you like dark comedies, I recommend this one, but I don’t think dark comedies are for everyone.  The script is interesting, and some of the acting is pretty good.  Mike White wrote the movie, and I have to say, I like his work.  He is best known (to me anyway) as Ned Schneebly from The School of Rock, which he also wrote.  Maybe it’s because he writes the characters he plays that he is fun to watch, and this film is no exception – his character (a religiously religious security guard who moonlights as a minister) is actually quite likable, especially compared to all the other characters!  Also to Mike White’s writing credit is Nacho Libre, but I don’t think I was a big fan of that one.  Since we try to cram in so many movies, some are watched while we’re ultra-sleepy or being interrupted by kids, and Nacho Libre just might be one of those because I don’t really remember it.  Either that, or it was just bad.  Again, if you like dark comedies, go rent The Good Girl, it’s certainly “different” as far as comedies go…

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