Snow Day!


Yet another snow day is upon us…  that makes #6 for us this year, and it’s now officially time to start making them up in the summer.  Which I guess is good news for me, because the kids now have at least 1 extra day to attend school in the summer, near the time when the baby is due and I wouldn’t know how I’m going to handle all 3 of them alone anyway!  But for today, we are stuck here, buried under about 6 inches of snow which is still falling.  My gem of a husband had already shoveled twice – it’s our “date night”, and he says he wants nothing to stop the car from taking the kids to the babysitters later.  But I feel badly for him cuz it just keeps snowing and burying our sidewalks yet again.  And speaking of being buried, our garbage is no where to be seen – oops!  Once a month where I live, we have big garbage day, when you can put all your garbage out for free, no special bags or stickers needed.  So today was ours, and even though none of the neighbors had theirs out, we put ours out, like idiots…  my idea.  So now it’s buried, and I don’t know how they’re going to pick it up.  Don’t think the neighbors would be too happy if we leave it there until next month!

So the kids are already fighting, and Dr. Phil isn’t even over.  I still have to make lunch, get my load of laundry in, finish this post, and make sure the kids pick up the mess they made all morning.  If I get all that done and I can bundle the kids before it gets too cold and windy outside like they are forcasting, we might go sledding.  I’m not a big fan of the snow days; it throws our whole schedule off, but at least they’ll be going one more day in the summer – disappointing for them = freedom for me!

6 thoughts on “Snow Day!”

  1. WOW… we have 4 kids here all day!!! Grandma so graciously allows S & A to come on days off and the two little ones are here every day. I do not know how she does it…. especially when she has them on Thursday and Friday while she works in the beauty shop. She keeps saying that she is not watching them all in the summer…. we’ll see.

  2. I don’t know how she does it either! And she and I are in the same club – the “what the heck are we gonna do with all these kids when summer comes” club! Maybe I will have the baby early and it will be Chris’ problem – HA!

  3. Snow day? What snow day? :p

    This time we only got a few inches here. Fortunately I didn’t lose another work day as happened twice before, in the space of a week. I bet Taylor didn’t mind though!

  4. Taylor was actually disappointed because she likes school and it was also art day. But she was over it when we went sledding!

  5. We have a city sled here hill – it’s pretty neat… went back there today for a little bit, and since the snow has been packed down, it was really slick! Poor Sammie accidently got dragged down without a sled!

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