Sammie Hasn’t Done This… Yet

Our almost 5-year-old Sammie is the firecracker of the group.  She likes to be the one to stir things up, and she sometimes has some crazy ideas.  My mom sent me an email with the following video and a message:  “I’m surprised Sammie hasn’t tried this.”

I can’t imagine what those poor parents were going through.  First I’m sure horror and panic set in as they worried their little one would get injured or stuck in there – notice they wisely killed the power to the crane game.  Then, once she got out, they were probably extremely embarrassed!  I half expected to see them spank her little butt when it was the only part of her sticking out!  Not that I condone spanking really, but you know how extreme relief often gives way to anger, especially when kids are involved…  I’m certainly glad it was their problem and not mine.  I know I will not be showing this video to Sammie nor any of my kids for that matter – they don’t need any more “good” ideas!

7 thoughts on “Sammie Hasn’t Done This… Yet”

  1. Maybe it was one of those: “Wait til I get you home” moments. Although, I would prolly be more relieved that the child was safe. Wonder what the kid thought when she was inside the machine. I know at least one who would have been screaming. But, couldn’t that attendant simply opened the front of the machine? Or is it the the scenario of “losing” a quarter in a machine… no key/no refund/store not responsible? But yes… I remember getting those sparks of creativity from time to time 😉 or do I still?

  2. OOPS… ok longer comment, so I gforgot to click the box again. Do we now have a post length warning as well as comment length?

  3. I would think that the only people to have keys for those machines would be the person/company that fills them up. As with most vending machines, they are probably filled by an outside vendor, and the establishment gets a ‘rental’ fee to allow the machine to be placed there.

    I couldn’t tell, did the little girl get something out of the machine since she was in there?

  4. right, j… all the places I have worked at with vending machines have had nothing to do with the machines themselves. Thought this surveillance video might have been from an arcade or such that might have access to the keys.

  5. It didn’t look to me like she left with a toy. And I agree – those things are usually rented and maintained and filled by an outside company. The video starts “Catawba Fish Camp” – so I’m thinking it was a bait store or perhaps a small grocery store.

  6. Nope, one-smiley posts don’t work here either- just tried. 🙂

    This isn’t the first time this has happened- I’ve seen other videos. You would think with kids able to do this the manufacturers would put something on the machine to prevent it happening.

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