Puzzling The Night Away


Our 3-year-old Disney is really good at puzzles.  Last night, she tried her first 63-piece puzzle, but she didn’t quite finish it:

Disney fell asleep doing puzzle 11-7-09 002

She got a pretty good start – that puzzle is particularly difficult.  We were all enjoying a wonderfully peaceful evening since our little 5-year-old instigator had her first sleepover at a friend’s house.  She had a great time, and when she returned home today, the conflicts between siblings resumed immediately.  There’s always one in every bunch, I guess 🙂

And today’s lesson in everyday life:  Coffee can dye a black dog brown.  Don’t ask me how I know that, but it was quite a mess.

3 thoughts on “Puzzling The Night Away”

  1. Ahhh…. conflict between siblings? Wouldn’t know anything about that 😉 Just that it drives parents CRAAAAAZY!

  2. Sleeping- something I should still be doing for at least another hour, if only I didn’t have to get up early to find work for today (which was successful I might add 🙂 )

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