More Cuties

No, I’m not talking about the oranges called Cuties.

Have you heard of those?  They’re small oranges especially grown to be kid-friendly: less sour taste, seedless, and easier to peel and smaller than regular oranges.  I’ve been wanting to try them for our family, but when I finally remembered to pick them up at Walmart, the bag I had hastily grabbed contained smashed and rotten fruit.  What else is new – our Walmart always carries terrible produce.  But this is not going to be a Walmart-bashing post.  Tangents aside, I posted pictures of our new pet rat cuties in my previous post, so here are pictures of our real cuties.  Here is our one little guy with his 3 older sisters:

And below are the oldest and the youngest kids in our family – they’re 8.5 years apart.  I wish I had blocked the sun before I took this picture!

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