Dropping Like Flies

It’s been really difficult to blog with a 2-year-old in the house, especially because mine is a boy.  He just seems to get into anything and everything, and this phase of his is lasting longer (and is much much messier and harder on my house) than was any of his 3 sisters’ terrible twos.  Complicating my schedule is the fact that he seems to be growing out of his naps, so now Mom’s daily time-out has been reduced to mere hopefulness for a time-out.

So anyway, this explains my blogging absence, and now you know why it’s taken me so long to blog that…

My 6-year-old daughter Samantha lost her first tooth last week!

She was SO excited, and of course the tooth fairy made her nighttime visit.  You might have read that I’ve been teaching 1st grade Sunday school (which just happens to be Sammie’s class), and that’s been going very well – I really enjoy it.  Sammie’s lost tooth prompted me to ask last Sunday how many of my students have lost teeth, and they were all full of stories.  One little girl (who is missing her two front teeth) told about how she lost this one and that one in the same day – and she was pointing to her missing bottom teeth, not even  the top two that were visibly missing!  So it seems that Sammie is just beginning – she has lots of teeth to lose, and because teeth seem to drop out of 1st graders’ mouths constantly (dropping like flies?  That doesn’t sound quite right now that I think about it), it makes me think that I had better bring a little container or two with me every Sunday just in case I need to send a fallen tooth home with its owner.

What an exciting time in a kid’s life, and it was neat to hear how enthusiastically all my first graders talked about losing their teeth and getting visits from the tooth fairy.  By the way, the going rate for a baby tooth seems to be around $5 these days – WOW!  Do you remember how much the tooth fairy gave you for your teeth?

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Congratulations Sammie!

4 thoughts on “Dropping Like Flies”

  1. $5.00 seems a bit much to me. I don’t remember back to my tooth fairy days. In fact I don’t even remember to yours and Kim’s tooth fairy days. I’m thinking maybe you got $1.00. I know it wasn’t $5.00 – we couldn’t afford that. Congratulations to Sammy!!!!!

  2. I’m with jamiahsh….one shiny quarter! I wiggled a lot when I slept, so my mom said the tooth fairy asked if we could put the tooth on the table next to the bed.

  3. I voted that I don’t remember, but I know for sure it was under a buck. Probably quarters as some already mentioned, but half-dollars could have been the going rate too.

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