Cuteness To Get You Through The Weekend



Above is a picture of our second oldest, 5-year-old Sammie and her almost 1-year-old brother Christopher.  He is the only boy in our family, and also the only sibling with which Sammie doesn’t fight.  It seems like the natives (kids) have been restless lately.  Our oldest, Taylor, it back to her snotty tween “I’m-better-than-everyone-else-so-why-do-they-get-more-than-me” attitude, so she is constantly yelling at and fighting with her sisters.  Disney is 2 and has  been really sensitive, demanding, and impatient lately.  Needless to say, our house has been very loud as of late.  But in between  the arguments, the kids still find time to be cute.  Here is a picture of Disney actually sharing the activity table with her baby brother (whose looks seemingly aged months after he got his new haircut):


7 thoughts on “Cuteness To Get You Through The Weekend”

  1. Phyllis Beyer

    They are all so cute! Soon you will get a break when the girls come to Illinois for a week. I can’t wait. I have lots of fun things planned.

  2. I remember my children at this age. Time really goes fast and before you know it, the children are all grown up. Keep up the fantastic parenting job you and chris are doing.

  3. Referring to your mom’s post, if you’re coming here to drop them off, let me know so we can do something again. 🙂

    Unless, of course, I am away at camp if it’s next week…

  4. Derek – That’d be great if we could do something – though we are coming to town, dropping off the kids with my parents, then going to the Cubs game! I will let you know if we decide to come up a day early, if so, it’d be on the 27th if you’re around then. Have a great time at camp!

  5. I will be around- we get back Friday night. Can’t guarantee my attentiveness though after almost six days in charge of 6-8 nine- and ten-year-olds! 😉

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