Cute Things From Kids


I get all these email forwards quoting kids and the cute things they say.  With 4 kids of my own (ages 10, 6, 4, and 2), I have fodder almost daily for such emails.  If only I could remember to write down all the cute things they say…

Here are a few that have stuck in my mind from recent months:

end of april 2010:
5-year-old Sammie –  We’re in the drive-thru at the ice cream place, and we ask Sammie what she would like.  She says “I don’t know; I think I have gastritis.”

seperate incident:
3-year-old Disney – “Does Santa work at the gas station”

10-13-10 – Disney (a week before her 4th birthday) holds up the snow brush that was in the garage. “Mom, why did you pack a giant toothbrush?”
I’m still smiling about that one!

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  1. A giant toothbrush! HEHE! Gastritis! HAHAHA!!! When I was in high school… one of the father of one of my fellow choir members really did look like Santa!

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